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  • Putting Strategy, Ambition and Guts Back into College Fundraising

    One of the tired adages about American higher education is that the role of the university president is "to live in a big house and travel the world with a tin cup in one's hand." The commentary on the implosion of Gordon Gee at Ohio State University this week picks up on this theme to embellish the image of president as chief supplicant.

  • Today's Campus Presents New Webinars

    Parchment partners with IUPUI and DePaul Universities

  • CDR Manipulation: Who is REALLY Responsible?

    Information and data readily available on the U.S. Department of Education’s websites shows a different picture of what is going on with cohort default rates. Many would like the public to believe that for-profit institutions and their third party servicers are manipulating their default rates to maintain eligibility in the Title IV Federal Student Loan and Grant Programs. Since the school’s eligibility is based upon their official cohort default rates, the schools definitely have a vested interest in the outcome. Most of these institutions, however, are appropriately doing a very good job of educating their borrowers consistent with the mandates for them to do so.

  • Education and Technology: Bridging the Gap

    There is an inherent rift between education and technology that makes the concept of education technology interesting. Take the phrase in its two parts: on the one hand, technology infers the world of computers, tablets, cloud software, SaaS applications, and more that change at an unbelievably rapid pace. On the other hand, education is a regulated and somewhat bureaucratic industry that has tried-and-true methods in lesson planning and traditional teaching methods. Furthermore, education in the United States is a resource-strapped industry, where school districts and states need the most cost-effective means of educating children. Therefore, technology is not always the most sustainable investment for schools, because one year after purchasing a suite of iPads to equip the school in the latest technology, a new product will enter the market and make the tablet obsolete.

  • GT Education for Students, by Students

    Envision over 600 middle and high school students invading a college campus for a day.  They arrive on busses from all over the state and start teeming through the quad like an army of ants.  Their purpose?  To attend classes taught by undergraduates on topics ranging from pottery and Salsa Dance to “Political Structures in the World of Harry Potter.”



  • Penn State Scandal Prompts Major Rewrite of Policies at Colleges Nationwide

    s they watched Penn State struggle to contain a child sex-abuse scandal that ruined its once-pristine name and took down the mightiest of college coaches, schools around the country realized they needed to examine what they were doing so they wouldn't see their reputations destroyed, as well.

  • Obama's Plan to Rate College Generates Major Debate Among Academic Leaders

    President Obama’s pledge to begin federal ratings of colleges by 2015 has touched off widespread debate in academia, exposing a divide that can be seen in contrasting reactions from the leader of a small private college in Maryland and the head of the state’s flagship public university.

  • TG Awards More Than $7 Million in Grants to Improve Educational Attainment

    TG is pleased to announce $7,348,156 million in competitive grants has been awarded in 2013 to 33 institutions and nonprofit organizations to advance postsecondary access and completion, and help support educational research.

  • No Textbooks, Please: Students as Content Authors

    Mobiles and the web support a radical shift in pedagogy. Currently, our teaching sees knowledge as an object and learning as the transfer of that object from one person to another. Even our language reflects this: we say “I have some knowledge.” John Seely Brown, a researcher specializing in the organizational impact of technology, argues that that model is being replaced by one where knowledge is socially constructed and learning is a process of coming to understand. We need a new methodology to support this new pedagogy. - See more at:

  • Righting the Ship on Higher Education Costs

    President Obama announced last week an initiative to lower the cost of college for the middle class. He is on the right topic. Higher education, America’s flagship of international leadership, is a proud vessel in need of attention. I just hope he won’t replace the rudder without patching the leaks.



On The Move

  • Nova Southeastern University Names Provost and EVP

    Nova Southeastern University (NSU) President and CEO George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D., announced the appointment of Ralph V. Rogers, Jr., Ph.D. to the position of provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. Rogers’ appointment is effective September 16, 2013.

  • Reneau Honored as President Emeritus at Louisiana Tech

    After 46 years of service, Dr. Dan Reneau has been honored with the position of President Emeritus at Louisiana Tech. For the last 26 years, Reneau has served in the role of President while guiding the institution to becoming a top-tier academic and research institution. Reneau retired in June.

  • New President at Bennington College

    Mariko Silver has assumed her leadership role at Bennington College. Silver, a former employee of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, will spend her first few months listening to member of the college community. Silver has also worked at Arizona State University.

  • Clover Park Technical College Selects New President

    Dr. Lonnie Howard had been selected as the new president of Clover Park Technical College. He most recently served as an executive director at University of Houston’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Howard holds a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Xavier University Names New Senior Vice President for Administration

    Ralph Johnson has been named the new Senior Vice President for Administration at Xavier University of Louisiana, according to President Dr. Norman C. Francis. Johnson, who holds both an M.B.A. and Certified Public Accountant certification, has more than 25 years of experience in finance, including 14 in higher education. He comes to Xavier from Alabama A&M University, where he was serving as Vice President for Business and Finance.


Latest Campus Job Openings

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  • Leading the Charge: The Faculty's Role in Governance

    In a conversation with a newly retired and highly respected college president late last week, the conversation turned to the growing problem of how to govern American colleges and universities in uncertain times.

  • Rebuilding Higher Education: Playing to Win

    President Obama has set the higher education agenda for the remainder of his term by linking consumer fears with politics. There is substance in the president's arguments about sticker price, the squeezing of the American middle class and the failure to provide access to a higher education degree for those who seek it.

  • The Search for the Perfect College

    It's summer. The college road trip experience has begun in earnest for many high school students. The approach to this search by students and their families varies widely. It often depends upon a number of factors including a family's connection to an institution, the recommendation of guidance counselors, peer pressure, and social and print media about the institution.

  • Boards and the Senior Team

    One of the best ways to determine where a college or university is headed is to look at the composition and quality of the senior administrative team that the president inherits on the first day in office.

  • Understanding Higher Education: Lessons From a British Customs Agent

    As a new president in the 1990s, one of my early tasks was to sign an exchange agreement with a private Russian university. The provost and I completed our business in Moscow and headed through London to visit a second exchange program of long-standing with a British institution.


Enrollment Management

  • Preparing for Hard Choices

    Apparently as our first act of political will in 2013, we have “kicked the can down the road” to sail the can past the “fiscal cliff” to land somewhere where we can rediscover it in time for the “big fight” in March. And these are the folks who in their wisdom are demanding increased oversight for American higher education? I feel so much better now having watched American national politics in action through the holidays.

  • Finding Students Where They Live

    I had lunch in Boston last week with Rob Hutter and Michael Staton, partners at Learn Capital, based near San Francisco. Both are extremely creative, committed and entrepreneurial thinkers about the intersection of ed tech and higher education. The conversation ranged widely as time flew by. What struck me most during it, however, was a theme that has repeated itself in a number of conversations I've participated in over the past few months.

  • Getting Ready

    An important issue has yet to take center stage in the debate simmering over the impact that credentialing will have on the relevancy of a college degree. There is a difference between completing certification that leads a student/employee to present credentials and verification that credentials actually demonstrate proficiency. What happens if our commitment to increasing access effectively leads to a “dumbing down” of learned outcomes? In the end, who's in charge

  • Four Tech Tools to Increase Student Retention by Fall

    What does it take to retain students for four years? There’s probably thousands of ways to optimize your recruitment and post-matriculation processes to keep students from dropping out or leaving your institution for another, in their eyes “better,” school. To start, check out the following software as a service (SaaS) options, and look forward to some excellent ROI.

  • Three Tests for a Website That Makes Every Prospective Student Want to Matriculate

    What makes a website stand out as superior? There are some key qualities we all subconsciously look for when we scout a new site, but they are too often forgotten when it comes time to build or revise our own.